Sunday, 22 April 2012


I hope everyone has had a good weekend and whatnot.  Mine was pretty eventless, except that I spent my Friday shuffling around Camden with the OH.  It was horrendously rainy though.  There was thunder and lightning, which ultimately meant that I couldn't shuffle and wander as much as I would have liked, as unprepared me was brollyless.  Nevertheless, I still managed to find myself at the Ha Ha Veggie Bar, where they serve burgers and hot dogs and falafels - everything is vegan bar the cheese.  I had a hankering for a falafel.  Sometimes, I swear my body craves the chickpea.  I can quite easily whack open a can of chickpeas in salted water, teaspoon in hand, and scoff my face.  Chickpeas are awesome.  It was £3.50 for 3 little falafels, some salad (lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes) and a generous dollop of houmous in a toasted pitta bread.  I am a bit of a tight arse, but hey, I was hungry, and I would rather pay a little more knowing it's vegan than from another stall that sells meat alongside.  Around the Camden Lock, there are many food stalls, which in itself provided a small challenge for me.  To my senses, the smell of meat is pure vom.  And to have it sizzling away is even more vom.  My nasal passage was assaulted repeatedly by the smell of cooking flesh. 


I hate to be over dramatic but I did have to hide in my scarf every now and again.  I just can't abide the smell!  But back to yay food.  Quite near the 'Ha Ha Veggie Bar', was a place called 'Cookies and Scream' - a vegan bakery.  I of course had a mini orgasm at this prospect and had a little gander at their offerings.  They had cookie sandwiches, brownies, peanut butter cookies, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate brownies, chocolate filled with nuts and raisins on a biscuit base and my purchase - a plum and almond slice 'thing'.  Essentially a bakewell tart.  It was extremely nommalicious.  (I did TRY to save some for a photo but sadly my appetite and greed prevailed and it disappeard... I could have taken a picture of an empty paper bag but thought, nah..).  The prices here ranged from £2 for anything on the 'bar', and about £3-£3.50 for the chocolate slabs and cookies.  I will definitely go back and sample more next time I head into Camden.  As I will 'Inspiral' - as I am dying to try their Tiramasu Cake.  Yes.  I know.  And vegan.  AHHH...  There is also a place called the 'Loving Hut' closer to Mornington Crescent tube station and apparently, from what I've read they do vegan Chinese food.  This also excites me!!  So stay tuned for another Camden food adventure!

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