Just a little about myself, so you can visualise whose mind is open to a rummage on this here blog.

My name is Lizzie.  I am 24, from South London.
I was raised a lacto-ovo vegetarian (in other words, milk and eggs were consumed) until late 2011 when I finally decided to become vegan after wanting to be one since the age of 16.

I suffer from an inner ear disorder which means I feel like I am seasick a lot of the time and life is like I live on a boat.  It is hell.  Especially when I throw up delicious vegan food.  That makes me very sad.

I like piercings, tattoos, metal, incense, crescent moons, my xbox, cuddles, Brighton, planes, carrots ( I have a stuffed toy carrot called Kevin ), Rammstein, cat accessories, good skin days, worker style boots and baked beans.

I dislike cruelty and exploitation of animals, mislabelling of products, not getting enough sleep, vomitting, public transport, Chris Tarrant, overpriced stuff, injustice, bad skin days, feeling cold and celery.

Anything else you wanna know, feel free to ask.

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