Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Well hello to one and all.

I should really set the scene more as I deflower my first blog, but instead I find it's 4am and I am all bleary eyed but my mind is far too awake and buzzing with ideas to let me sleep. 

As a fairly new vegan (4 months at this point), I realised I needed an outlet for all my thoughts and finds and feelings to do with this lifestyle.  It has become so instilled in my being, and my head has become a clutter of anger over animal cruelty and exploitation, frustration over the ignorance of the world and excitement over vegan cakes.  *shrug*  It's quite a mix, it's fair to say. 

So I decided to create a space for myself in this cluttered internetty world.  I cleared out a little room and plonked myself in the corner, surrounded by my thoughts, ideas, feelings and of course, my cat.  Called Rosie.  She will make the odd appearance no doubt!

So stay tuned and I hope whoever reads this blog enjoys my ramblings and whatnot.  Goodnight !

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